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Tenerife Airport Transfers Only

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Airport Transfers, Accomodation & Flights

Transfers are available to & from both Tenerife South Airport (TFS) & Tenerife North Airport (TFN)

The shuttle options are the lowest price method of transfer door to door and the most popular method for small number of people.

Please be aware that the shuttle services usually only drop and pick clients up at recognised holiday accommodation.

Click the banners below to see the selection of low cost tenerife Airport transfer options which include:

After booking you will receive confirmation and details of either

  • The representative with a sign board  who will greet you just after you leave customs or
  • The location of the travel desk in the Arrivals hall

On your return home departure you will be picked up from your holiday hotel or apartment complex.

Charges include luggage

 Airport Transfers

The transfer companies Shuttle Direct or Holiday Taxis usually offer a choice of Airport - Apartment or Hotel Transfer Method. These may vary depending on the provider,

You can book a Single or a Return Transfer

After you book the transfer companies will let you know how to contact them when you arrive at the Airport. This may be somebody with a placard in the Airport Arrival Hall just outside the the Exit from Customs, or more usually the name of the Transfer Desk/Office in the Arrivals Hall

The transfer companies normally require you to Telephone there Airport Office to confirm details for the return journey to the airport a day or two before your homewood flight. They will provide you with full written details.

The cheapest method is number 1. Shuttle Transfer below the method of travel increases in price as you go down the list.

The example times listed are for Airport - Playa de Las Americas
  • 1.  Shuttle Transfer. This is via Mini Bus or Coach and is a shared service, i.e. with other passengers, who may be staying at your or other accommodation. This may mean stopping at different accomodation locations. This method is the most poular. Average transfer time 45.mins
  • 2.  Shuttle Transfer - Superior. As above but the number of stops are limited. Average transfer time 35.
  • 3.  Private Taxi. Up to 4 people.  Average transfer time 15.
  • 4.  Premieor Taxi offering a premier service.  Average transfer time 15.

There are resrictions on the number of suitcases & hand luggage. Similar to those of the flight operators. Please check.

Holiday Taxis Airport Transfers on Tenerife

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Holiday Taxis

Shuttle Direct Airport Transfers on Tenerife

Shuttle or Taxi Transfers

 Shuttle Direct

Airport Transfers Plus Accomodation & Flights

First select your Destination, then flight & Accomodation, then finally add on airport transfer