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Tenerife Buses TITSA Transport

Bus Station las Americas

Costa Adeje / Playa de las Americas Bus Station
Titsa bus entering the bus station, the building in the background
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Most Tenerife buses (called guaguas pronounced 'wah wahs' by the locals) on Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain are run by TITSA. These Tenerife buses are very cheap, more comfy than many UK public buses.The Tenerife buses run frequently over the island's main roads. The bus service can be infrequent off the main roads.

Bus routes are called Lineas in Spanish. Buying a pre paid Bono Bus ticket approximately €12 euro for several trips saves between 30 to 50% of the fare, a great money saver.


DownLoad Titsa Bus Route Maps and Titsa Bus Timetables

The following downloadable bus maps map are in a leaflet format. They are available in printed format, some from bus stations and some from Tourist Offices

The Titsa download page is currently not working.




You require Adobe reader to view these documents. Download Adobe reader

On the titsa site select the Union flag.
Maps and timetables discount details are available on the website. Files can be downloaded.

A different Tourist Bus route map & time table is available from Tourist information offices. The Adeje & Arona offices have an A4 printed map showing bus stops for the main tourist areas of Costa Adeje from La Caleta, through San Eugenio (use for Puerto Colon), Torviscas, Playa del Duque & Playa de las Americas to Los cristianos in Arona

The bus services information on the 2 different sheets is displayed in different ways.  You may find it easier to use one over the other. 


Discount Bus Fares Bono Bus Save up to 50%

Bono Bus logoBono Machine

                       Bono bus Logo              Bono Bus Machine near the driver

Bono Bus is a pre paid ticket that allows you to have discount fares on Tenerife buses, the Green TITSA Tenerife buses, as follows:

  • Long  journeys  over  20 km 50% Discount
  • Short journeys under 20 km 30% Discount

The Bono Bus Card is slightly smaller than a credit card. You place the Bono Bus card into a small green machine near the bus driver, and tell the driver your destination. The Bono Bus card is printed with the discounted fare and the balance that is still available to be used on the card.

You can purchase Bono Bus Tickets from bus stations, bus terminals, and various retail outlets, often newsagents, look for the Bono Bus sign above right



Bono Bus Cost



Bono Bus Cards cost either €12.00 or €30.00. Unless you are going on a few long journeys we recommend the lower price card because there is not enough physical room for the printing of a lot of short journeys on the dearer card.



Bono Bus Rules



  • The Bono Bus card can be used by more than one person. Tell the bus driver how many people. You may have to remove and replace the card for each person
  • Valid until
    • either the remaining balance is used up, the card becomes full (room for about 18 journeys)
    • or valid for 1 year.
  • If the balance left on the card is less than the fare the difference must be paid in cash and not another card. A bus ticket is issued for the difference paid



Buy the Bono Bus card from



Bus stations, and other outlets such as newsagents. A leaflet list is available at Tourist information Offices

Or ask locals they nearly all use the Bono bus card. You can't buy them on Tenerife buses.




Cruce Cross roads or Roundabout


Tenerife Information Tenerife buses Tips on the bus routes

  • Each bus route (Lineas) has a number such as 473. The same number is used for Tenerife buses running in both directions on the route.
  • Because of one way streets or the layout of the bus routes, you can find that buses for both directions may use the same bus stops, or you may have bus stops several metres apart but on the same side of the road. Can be confusing so double check the bus destination on the front of the bus.
  • The route number and route is displayed on the front of the bus. The route includes where the bus came from and the destination. The lower name is the destination and on some Tenerife buses the lettering is larger for the destination. If you get on the wrong bus the driver will tell you.
  • The English of some drivers is not very good. Spanish pronunciations of destination names can be very different from English ones. Tip write down the destination name before hand and show to driver.



Tenerife Information Bus Routes Tenerife , Canary Islands



How to use this information



For the Southern Tenerife tourist the following table contains bus routes to all the southern coastal town with bus routes.

The second table contains routes to the Airport Reina Sofia.

  1. Look for your departure stop in the left column of the table. Bold names are town names.
  2. Names that are not in bold are the bus stop names in towns such as Playa de las Americas that has several stops. The bus stop name is usually the name of the building or beach next to the stop. H. in the name indicates Hotel.
    1. These stops are given a number which is shown on the Tourist Office map
    2. Where you get 2 names separated by / such as H. Esmeralda / H. Torviscas indicates that there are different names depending on the direction of travel.
      1. The first name is used if the direction of travel up the table. The second one direction of travel is down the table.
      2. Note some of these stops can be some distance apart
  3. Look for your destination stop.
  4. Check to see which bus routes number go to both departure and destination bus stops.



Tenerife South Coast Bus Routes



102 Santa Cruz Airport North Puerto de Cruz



Santa Cruz(Transport Exchange) (Transport Exchange) Autopista Norte (TF 5) – La Laguna (Estación de Guaguas) – AEROPUERTO NORTE Autopista Norte (TF 5) – Ctra. El Botánico Puerto de Cruz

Approximately every 30. Les frequent before 07:00 & after 22:00 

A 24 hour service



107 Santa Cruz Airport North Buenavista



Santa Cruz (Intercambiador)(Transport Exchange) Autopista Norte (TF 5) – La Laguna (Estación de Guaguas) – AEROPUERTO NORTE – Autopista Norte (TF 5) – Tacoronte(Est. Guaguas) Puente de La Matanza Puente de La Victoria Puente de La Quinta(Santa Úrsula) La Orotava(Est. Guaguas) – Las Arenas (Zona Comercial) Realejo Bajo San Juan de la Rambla – Icod de los Vinos Garachico Los Silos – BUENAVISTA

Approximately every 2 hours. 



108 Santa Cruz Airport North Icod de los Vinos



Santa Cruz(Intercambiador)(Transport Exchange) Autopista Norte(TF 5) – La Laguna (Estación de Guaguas) AEROPUERTO NORTE – Autopista Norte (TF 5) – Tacoronte ( Est. Guaguas) Puente de La Matanza Puente de La Victoria Puente de La Quinta(Santa Úrsula) LA OROTAVA( Est.Guaguas ) Las Arenas (Zona Comercial) –Realejo Bajo San Juan de la Rambla Icod de los Vinos

Approximately every 2 hours.



110 Playa de las Americas Santa Cruz  (Direct)



Direct Service approximately every 30 min's.
SANTA CRUZ Los Cristianos Terrazas PLAYA de las AMERICAS



111 Playa de las Americas Airport South Santa Cruz



TFS Bus Stop

Tenerife Airport South (TFS) Bus Stop

Approximately every 30 min's.

SANTA CRUZ (INTERCAMBIADOR) Autopista Sur Cruce con: Caletillas Candelaria Güimar Arico Chimiche Granadilla Aeropuerto Sur Cruce de San Miguel y Guaza Los Cristianos P. LAS AMERICAS (Bus Station)




112 Santa Cruz Arona





115 Las Galletas Santa Cruz



Approximately every hour. Very infrequent at weekends

SANTA CRUZ (Intercambiador) Autopista Sur (TF 1) Cruce Caletillas Cruce Candelaria Cruce Güimar Cruce Arico Cruce Chimiche Cruce Granadilla Cruce Aeropuerto Sur Cruce San Miguel Las Galletas (Costa del Silencio)



325 Puerto de la Cruz Los Gigantes



Via the North.

Approximately every 2 hours

Puerto de la Cruz, P Pabellón, S Barranco, Pu Antonio, Taoro, P Cardón, Asomada, La Pesa, Arenas,
Polid Vera, B Tinerfe, Concordia, Higuerita, Finca, Castillo, Túnel, Socorro, Jardineria, Las Torres,
Terrero, Pu Antonio, Bco Ruiz, Rosario, Rosario 1, El Cubo, Catalina, La Uvi, Madrinita, Panaderia,
Bar Stop, Buen Paso, H Meleque, Dña Juana, C Salud, Icod, C Salud, Molino, Matadero, Canalitas,
Canales, Ramal, Casillas, Palos Geno, GenovEs, Cl Barros, Culata, C Marquez, Mirador, Higuera,
Galeria, Ay Tanque, Tanque, C Grande, B Nuevo, Castras, M Jimenez, Rosa Vieja, Calzada, Oriente,
Don Pedro, P Morales, Malecones, Bolivar, Palos, Cr Llanos, P Erjos, E V Arriba, S Teide, S Teide,
S T Farmac, Manchas, Molledo, Retamar, Retamar, Tamaimo, Cooperativ, Tamaimo, Ed Pinar,
Cementerio, Pcam, Colmena, Charcas, Ventoso, Garden, Caldera, Cr Gigante, Gigantes, Correos,
Puerto deSantiago, Playa Arena, Playa Sol




340 Puerto de la Cruz Airport North Airport South



Aeropuerto Sur (Reina Sofia Airport) Puerto de la Cruz Airport North (Los Rodeos Airport)

Infrequent Service approx.
6 buses a day




342 Playa de las Americas El Portillo



Morning bus from Playa de las Americas

Afternoon bus from El Portillo

Playa de las Americas Los Cristianos Arona La Escalona Vilaflor Parador de Turismo LAS CAÑADAS DEL TEIDE



343 Playa de las Americas Airports Puerto de la Cruz



TFN 343 bus Bus stop

Tenerife Airport North (TFN) Bus Stop

Approximately every 3 hours. Please note that Bus Route 111 is better for Airport South

PUERTO DE LA CRUZ El Botánico Airport North Airport South Los Cristianos Playa de las Americas (Bus Station)



416 Grandilla Adeje



Approximately every 40 min's.

GRANADILLA San Miguel V. San Lorenzo La Camella Cabo Blanco Cruce Buzanada Los Cristianos Avda. del Ferry Playa de Las Americas Torviscas La Caleta ADEJE (Los Olivos)



417 Los Cristianos  Guia de Isidro



Los Cristianos Avda. del Ferry Playa de las Americas Torviscas Carretera Gral. Adeje Cruce de Tijoco Tejina de Guia GUIA DE ISORA



418 La Caleta Costa Adeje Bus Station Valle San Lorenzo



La Caleta Torviscas Estación Costa Adeje Avda. del Ferry Los Cristianos Cruce Buzanada Cabo Blanco La Camella Valle San Lorenzo

Approximately every 40 minutes



442 Playa de las Americas  Valle San Lorenzo



Infrequent 4 a day

Playa de las Americas Avda. del Ferry Los Cristianos Chayofa – La Camella Cabo Blanco Cruce de Buzanada – Valle San Lorenzo.



450 Playa de las Americas  San Isadro



Approximately every 60 min's.

Playa de las Americas Avda. del Ferry Los Cristianos Autopista Sur(TF 1) Cruce de Guaza Cruce San Miguel Cruce Aeropuerto Sur Cruce Granadilla SAN ISIDRO.



460 Playa de las Americas  Icod de los Vinos



Approximately every 2 hours

ICOD DE LOS VINOS El Tanque Erjos Valle Santiago Tamaimo Chío Guía de Isora Cruce Tijoco Cruce Adeje (Ctra. Gral.) PLAYA DE LAS AMÉRICAS(Estación de Guaguas).



467 Playa de las Americas  Las Galletas



Approximately every 20 min's.

Centro Comercial El Duque Playa de las Americas Avda. El ferry Los Cristianos Las Galletas(Costa del Silencio)



470 Los Cristianos  Grandilla



Approximately every Hour

GRANADILLA San Isidro El Medano Los Abrigos Golf del Sur Las Galletas Los Cristianos



472 Los Cristianos Callao Salvaje



Approximately every 60 min's.

Cristianos, Kasur, Camisón, Guar Civil, H Columbus, Bco. Los Geranios, Terrazas, P AmEricas, S Eugenio, Mareverde, Bruselas, Miraverde, FañabE, Atalaya, Armeñime, Camellos, H Bahia Pr, Sta Cruz, Paraiso , Paraiso En, Chalet, Cr Paraiso, Em Paraiso, Emp Callao, Callao



473 Los Gigantes Las Galletas



This is the one of the main bus route for the South West and South Coast, will 2 buses per hour.


Costa del Silencio Galletas Los Cristianos Playa de las Americas Torviscas Adeje Armenime Playa San Juan Playa La Arena Puerto Santiago ACANTILADO DE LOS GIGANTES

Bus Stops

Gigantes, Correos, Puerto deSantiago, Playa Arena, Playa Sol, Varadero, Alcala, Jaquita, Alcala 49, Alcalá, P Afonso , Fonsalia, Puerto San Juan, P San Juan, J Carlos I, Cr Guia Is, Aguadulce , Solamos, Abama, Chiquita G, Chiquita I, Ricasa, Isolana, Marazul, Cr Hoya Gr, Iboibo, Emp Callao, Em Paraiso, Armeñime, Atalaya, Mercadona, Rot Torres, Charca, Cl Olivos, Pz Olivos, Adeje, Vientos, Pabellón, Cementerio, Cerco, C Salud, Pabellón, Fanabe, P Peatonal, Bruselas, Playa Olid, San Eugenio, Playa de las Americas, C/ Llanos De Troya, H Columbus, Guar Civil, Camisón, Inst Ferry, Los Cristianos , Madriguera, Cr Guaza, Inst Guaza, Tagorito, Cr Pal Mar, Guaza Abaj, Bebederos , L Estrella, Cr Fraile, Las Galletas, Galletas, Ten Bel, Garañaña, Costa del Silencio



477 Los Cristianos - Los Gigantes (Direct)





482 Vilaflor Los Cristianos



Infrequent 3 a day

Los Cristianos – Chayofa – La Camella – La Sabinita – Arona – La Escalona VILAFLOR.




483 Playa de las Americas El Medano



Approximately every 2 hours

Playa de las Americas (Bus Station) Avda. El Ferry Los Cristianos Autopista del Sur Cruce de Guaza Cruce de San Miguel Golf del Sur Los Abrigos EL MEDANO



484 Las Galletas Granadilla

8 buses a day

GRANADILLA Charco del Pino San Miguel Las Socas Las Galletas(Costa del Silencio)


Airport Buses and Bus routes

Airport South  111   340   343  Details click link

Airport North  102   107   108   340  343   Details click link


Airport Transfers

See also Airport Transfers which offer a door to door Airport to / from resort hotels & Apartments similar to a taxi but far cheaper