Tenerife information Climate in Tenerife and Tenerife weather forecast

View the current weather conditions in North Tenerife and South Tenerife, obtain 5 day forecasts.

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Climate in Tenerife and Tenerife weather forecast

The islands are only 300km west of the Western Sahara desert, making the climate much warmer in winter than in Britain. To generalise the weather in Southern Tenerife can be very different from Northern Tenerife, this is created by the mountain range between the two.

Tenerife climate is like an eternal spring. There is not a large temperature range difference between Summer and Winter

Tenerife South

Southern Tenerife is much warmer and dryer and having a more desert appearance, The South remaining relatively rain free, any rain that does fall is usually between October and February.

Current weather Tenerife South
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Southern Tenerife weather forecast 5 Day

Tenerife North

The North has a more more lush tropical appearance and also more rain. The Northern climate being better suited for it's banana plantations.  See the exotic plants in the Oratavia valley

Current weather Tenerife North

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife weather forecast 5 Day