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Tenerife Resorts Map

Tenerife Resorts Map

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Tenerife information and tourist Guide to Holiday Resorts

Costa Adeje, La Caleta, Torviscas and Playa Fanabe

Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje starts at the bridge at Playa de las America, where the main road almost meets the beach, and continues northwards along the coast to La Caleta a distance of 4.5 km and includes the areas and coastal resorts of Fanabe, Torviscas, San Eugenio and Puerto Colon which are all merged together to form a super resort, Playa del Duque has almost merged with the other 4 and slightly further north is La Caleta.

A promenade runs from Los Cristianos through Playa Las Americas in the Arona district to the northern fringe of Playa del Duque. A rough track continues to La Caleta

Costa Adeje    Costa Adeje apartments   Costa Adeje hotels

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Costa del Silencio & Las Galletas

Costa del Silencio

Costa del Silencio & Las Galletas are 2 small villages that are merged together near the southern tip of Tenerife on the east side.

Costa del Silencio
Costa del Silencio

Callao Salvaje

Callao Salvaje is on the  western Tenerife coast  roughly one third of the way from Playa de las Americas to Los Gigantes

Callao Salvaje information


El Medano

El Medano is a windsurfing, kite surfing and board surfing mecca, and is on Tenerife south west coast just north of Tenerife South Airport

El Medano information

Medano windsurfing
Medano windsurfing

Fanabe, Costa Adeje

Fanabe has the most popular beach on Tenerife. The beach extends into its neighbour to the south Torviscas. The two resorts are totally merged into one larger resort and are part of the Costa Adeje coastal strip 

Fanabe & Torviscas information    Playa Fanabe Hotels   Playa Fanabe Apartments

Fanabe Beach & Promenade


Garachico is a small town on the northern coast of Tenerife, to the west of Puerto de la Cruz. The town is extremely picturesque and famous for what happened in 1706 when a lava flow partially blocked the harbour which ruined the prosperous trade through a very commercial port.

The lava from the volcanic eruption also created the famous rock pools which are now a very big tourist attraction.

Besides the pool ensure you walk through the small park and visit the square near the church.

The town is also famous for it's traditional wooden balconies and wine making.

More Information and photographs of Garachico

Garachico famous Rock Pools
Garachico famous Rock Pools

Golf del Sur

A new resort surrounded by Golf courses, located on the coast near to Tenerife South Airport

Golf del Sur information
Golf del Sur apartments

Golf Del Sur
Golf Del Sur

Icod de los Vinos

Icod de los Vinos is a beautiful town 1 2 km inland from the northern coast. It is famous because it is the home of the dragon tree thought to be between 500 to 3000 years old. The inside of the tree has rotted away making it impossible to count the rings.

There are several coach tours that include Icod de los Vinos  within the tour. The town can also be visited by the public bus service or by Hire Car

More information on the town and the 'El drago' tree
Icod de los Vinos information

Icod de los Vinos Dragon tree
Icod de los Vinos Dragon tree

La Caleta, Costa Adeje

La Caleta is a small fishing village located on the coast 3 km from the Costa Adeje capitol, the inland town of Adeje



Tenerife guide to Adeje which is situated 3 km inland, on the coast is the natural harbour ofand small resort of Playa Fanabe. About 5 km from Playa De Las Americas in the South of Tenerife.

La Caleta information  La Caleta apartments

La Caleta
La Caleta

Los Cristianos

A very popular resort well known for its apartments to rent from private owners. The more vibrant resort of Playa de las Americas is directly next door within a walkable distance or if preferred a short taxi drive away.

Los Cristianos information 
Los Cristianos Apartments  Los Cristianos Hotels

Los Cristianos Beach
Los Cristianos Beach

Playa de los Gigantes

Playa de los Gigantes is situated in a region of spectacular and Dramatic high cliffs in the south of the island.

More Information

Los Gigantes lido pool
Los Gigantes lido pool

Masca Tenerife's top picturesque village

The picturesque village of Masca is regarded as the prettiest village in Tenerife.

Masca is located in the mountains to the north of Playa de los Gigantes and about 3km inland and it is included in many coach company tours. The tight mountain hairpin bends only allow smaller coaches to visit the village, the most picturesque on Tenerife

Masca is not a really a resort , tourists do not stay there, it is a place to village that must be visited, and is included in many coach tours of the island.

More Information Masca
More Information
Masca Teide & Garachico Coach Tour

Masca picturesque village
Masca picturesque village

Mount Teide

Mount Teide is the volcanic peak in the centre of the island of Tenerife. Surrounded by a vast national park that contains many points of interest for tourists, mainly in the rock formations and the plants and flora that only grown in this area.

There are two types of coach tours that visit

  • As part or a larger area tour, such as a tenerife island tour. In this tour the coach will stop at vantage points for you to take photographs
  • A Mount Teide tour. In this type of tour the coach will stop near the cable car station allowing time for a trip up the mountain.

More Information Mount Teide

Mount Teide
Mount Teide

Important! In winter there is snow on Mount Teide which can last in the gullies all year. The temperature is far colder than the coastal areas. Ensure you take warm clothing with you.

Playa de la Arena


Playa de La Arena information
Playa de la Arena Hotels      Playa de la Arena apartments

Playa de la Arena Promenade
Playa de la Arena Promenade

Playa de las Americas

Playa De Las Americas is the largest and a lively southern Tenerife resort.
Los Cristianos is it's quieter eastern
Costa Adeje is it's quieter and higher class northern neighbour.
The three resorts are so near to each other that they merge together forming a massive resort area.

More Information
Playa de las Americas Map and information   
Playa de las Americas Apartments    Playa de las Americas Hotels
Playa de las Americas Bars            Playa de las Americas Nightclubs

Playa de las Americas Promenade
Playa de las Americas Promenade





Playa de las Galletas

Playa de las Galletas is located on the Tenerife South coast and merged with Costa del Silencio its Eastern neirbour.

The small resort has a post office, Tourist Information Office and a beach on both sides of the harbour, 2 bus stops a childrens playground, a church and tennis courts

Playa de las Galletas
Playa de las Galletas

Playa de las Vistas

Although Playa de las Vistas is on the western fringe of Los Cristianos, it is better situated for people in Playa de las Americas



Playa de las Vistas Beach
Playa de las Vistas  Beach

Playa de Troya, Costa Adeje

Playa de Troya is the most southerly of Costa Adeje's beaches and just north of The Veronicas strip shopping centre in Playa de las Americas

A tourist information office is located at the side of the main road

Bus Stops 7a Hotel Troya and 7b Playa de Troya

Playa de Troya Beach
Playa de Troya  Beach

Playa del Duque, Costa Adeje

Playa del Duque has a few small beaches that vary in quality in this fairly new resort

More Information: Playa del Duque information
Playa del Duque hotels    Playa del Duque apartments

Playa del Duque beach
Playa del Duque beach

Playa Fanabe, Costa Adeje

Playa de Fanabe information
Fanabe apartments    Fanabe hotels

Playa Fanabe beach
Playa Fanabe beach

Playa Paraiso

Playa Paraiso is a smaller purpose built, quiet resort without any hustle and bustle. The larger resorts are easily accessible by car or local transport. There is a popular lido complex and a small shingle beach, while sea bathing is mostly from the rocks.

More Information
Playa Paraiso Information
Playa Paraiso Hotels    Playa Paraiso apartments

Playa Paraiso
Playa Paraiso

Playa San Juan

Playa San Juan information


San Juan
Playa San Juan

Playa Torviscas, Costa Adeje

Torviscas is the main Costa Adeje resort and has a magnificent beach and sea front.

Playa Torviscas information 
Torviscas apartments   Torviscas hotels 

Torviscas beach
Torviscas beach

Puerto Colon, Costa Adeje


More Information Puerto Colon information

Puerto Colon Marina
Puerto Colon Marina

Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de La Cruz is the largest resort on Tenerife and is in the North of Tenerife

More Information
Puerto de la Cruz information
Puerto de la Cruz Hotels   More hotels    Puerto de la Cruz Apartments

Puerto de la Cruz
Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de Santiago

A quiet resort with a village atmosphere but there is still lots to do

More Information
Puerto de Santiago information
Puerto de Santiago hotels


Puerto de Santiago
Puerto de Santiago

Mount Teide

Tenerife has the highest mountain, Mount Teide, in Spain which is a volcano . Many coach trips around Tenerife include Teide in their tours.

The impressive large rock, Montana de Roque, is pictured with Mount Teide in the background. This photo was taken in summer and that's snow just below the summit.

More information Mount Teide national park

Mount Teide
Mount Teide


Adeje is the Municipal town for the coastal strip of Costa Adeje and Adeje town is situated 3 km inland from the coast near La Caleta.

North Tenerife South Tenerife Comparison  

As a rough generalisation the Northern resorts are more popular with the Germans and the Southern resorts more popular with the Brit's. 

The South tends to be more drier,sunnier, arid and warmer than the North.

The North has more rain and clouds, this makes the country side greener and more lush.

As you travel around Tenerife, the mountains create several micro climates, giving rise to different plant species in these different areas, based on different rainfall, cloud cover and heights above sea level.


Tenerife Maps


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La Caleta Map La Caleta Apartments  
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Los Cristianos Apartments Map Los Cristianos Apartments Map Los Cristianos Hotels Map
Los Gigantes Map Los Gigantes Apartments Map

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Playa de la Arena Map    
Playa de las Americas resort Map Playa de las Americas Apartment Map Playa de las Americas Hotel Map
Playa del Duque Map Playa del Duque Apartments Map Playa del Duque Hotel Map
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