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Costa Adeje Map

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Puerto Colon Hotels Map & Puerto Colon Apartments Map, Costa Adeje

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Beaches in Costa Adeje

Diego Hernandez Naturist beach

La Enramada Beach (La caleta)

Playa de Fanabe beach

Playa de Troya Beaches

Costa Adeje Information

Costa Adeje beaches and sea front
Panoramic photograph of a small section of Costa Adeje sea frontage

Fanabe beach is on the left, after the stone breakwater is Torviscas beach, behind the second breakwater but hidden by the breakwater is the Puerto Colon beach next to the harbour, jutting out is Puerto Colon harbour and in the far distance is Playa de las Americas.

Puerto Colon Marina, Coste Adeje

Puerto Colon Marina, Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje, is is the coastal area on the South West coast of Tenerife that stretches to the north from the bridge on the Sea Front next to Veronicas Commercial Centre in Playa de las Americas through Puerto Colon, Torviscas, Fanabe, Playa del Duque, La CaletaPlaya ParaisoCallao Salvaje to Marazul on it's northern border.

More information on the Costa Adeje resort areas can be found by clicking on the above links.

It has easy access to all surrounding areas. Costa Adeje has a quieter and more reserved atmosphere than Playa de las Americas, it's southern neighbour in Tenerife and is also very good for water sports. You can easily get into Playa de las Americas by bus when you want to sample the action.  Many would argue that much of Costa Adeje is part of Playa de las Americas there is virtually a continuous stretch of buildings, hotels, apartments, shops, restaurants and bars all along the stretch from Playa de las Americas to Playa del Duque then only a 100 metre gap which appears to have signs of becoming a building site (2008) before La Caleta starts.

A Costa Adeje Beach

Puertito de Armenime Beach, Costa Adeje Beach located next to Puerto Colon Marina

The wonderful coastline consists of fabulous beaches of fanabe, torviscas, Playa del Duque, in the bays and also rocky headlands and coves. Enjoy a stroll along the front on a paved promenade or path for almost the entire length from La Caleta to Los Cristianos. From Los Cristianos to Playa de Troya the walk is flat, then there is a hill with a series of steps on the promenade at Playa del Bobo. The steps can be avoided by a slightly longer journey via the main road.

Rocky area Costa Adeje
Rocky area Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje Restaurants, Costa Adeje Bars and Clubs

There is a good selections of Restaurants in all the resorts of Costa Adeje from your typical tourist ones, British ones and those serving the local cuisine.

There are a few excellent restaurants on the Playa del Duque sea front at the Mirador Shopping centre

At Playa Fanabe, Playa de Troya the beaches are backed by shopping centres with many bars & restaurants from fast food to traditional British, International and Canarian cuisine.

Costa Adeje Bars Listing

More Information is given on our Costa Adeje Bar Page

Adeje Town

Adeje canon
Adeje canon

The old town of Adeje is the administration town for the area. Adeje has a quieter atmosphere . You can easily get into Playa de las Americas by the bus number 416 when you want to sample the action, journey takes about 30 min's. Adeje is situated 3 km inland of La Caleta and the town nestles under the steep mountain range that rises up to the Teide National Park. The steep sided ravine Barranco del Infierno is a fabulous walk and starts at the very top end of the town see below

Adeje Town Attractions

Barranco del Infierno


Barranco del Infierno Ticket & Information Office
Barranco del Infierno Ticket & Information Office

The main natural attraction of Adeje is the nearby Barranco del Infierno, the deepest gorge in not only in Tenerife but the Canary Islands.  The very impressive steep sides of the deep Hell's gorge Barranco del Infierno can be reached by a trail from Adeje. Allow around 4 hours for a return hike. Strong footwear and additional clothing advised. There is a small 80 metre high waterfall in the upper reaches of the ravine, with amazing views to be seen. Note how the vegetation changes as you ascend up the Barranco del Infierno.

A charge is made and only limited numbers are allowed into the gorge so it is advisable to book in advance.

At least a litre of water is required because the ravine is a sun trap. Hard hats, provided, have to be worn in the higher reaches. The ravine may be closed during and after rainfalls because of the danger of rock falls.

Iglesia de Santa Ursula


Iglesia de Santa UrsulaIglesia de Santa Ursula

16th century church Iglesia de Santa Ursula

Casa Fuerte


Canon in front of Casa Fuerte
Canon in front of Casa Fuerte

Casa Fuerte a fortified hacienda. Unfortunately not open to the public. The Casa Fuerte has quiet a history and a large collection of documents have been handed over by it's owners to the Biblioteca Canaria

Biblioteca Canaria


Biblioteca Canaria is the Historic Archives, where the latest innovations in information technology are being used to display the information & documents received from Casa Fuerte, Marquis of Adeje, the county of La Gomera, the manor of El Hierro and the estates of Ampudia and Cea, from century XVI up to century IXI.

Open: 09.00 13.00 & 17.00 to 19.00. Monday to Friday

Biblioteca Canaria, Calle Grande, 38. 38670 Adeje



Adeje is an inland town & the nearest beaches are around 3 to 4 kilometres away, and are Playa de la Esmeralda (La Caleta), Playa del Duque & Playa de Fanabe

Airport transfer time

Reina Sofia airport Transfer time: 35 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes

Costa Adeje Beaches

The beaches are listed from South to North along the Costa Adeje coast

Playa de Troya

Playa de Troya Beach
Playa de Troya  Beach

Las Cuevitas beach
Las Cuevitas beach

Playa del Bobo
Playa del Bobo

Playa de Troya Beaches Description

Playa de Troya Beaches consist of a line of 3 adjecent beaches:

  • Playa de Troya Beach
  • Playa de las Cuevitas
  • Playa del Bobo

The three beaches vary in depth from fairly wide to narrow and are made up of fine grain sand.  The beaches are protected by large rock groins that both retain the soft fine golden imported sand and provide calm sea conditions.

A tourist information office is located next to the promenade 100 metres from the bridge that connects to

Playa de Troya Beaches Services provided:

  • Lifeguards
  • Sun loungers & parasols
  • Restaurants & bars, including several British ones are situated at:
    • The Saletien Shopping Centre located on the pedestrian promenade
    • On the main road Avda. Rafael Puig LLuvina that runs next to the beaches.
  • Showers, changing rooms & toilets,
  • Telephone
  • Taxi rank

Playa de Troya Beaches Nearest Bus Stop

The nearest bus stops are about 600 metres at either Costa Adeje Bus station or Tropical Playa

Playa de Troya Beaches Location

Playa de Troya is the most southerly of Costa Adeje's beaches and just north of The Veronicas strip shopping centre in Playa de las Americas

These 3 beaches especially Playa de Troya Beach is the main beach for the northern half of Playa de las Americas

See Location of Playa de Troya Beaches on our Costa Adeje Map 

Playa de La Pinta beach / Playa de Puerto Colon beach

Puerto Colon beach
Puerto Colon beach

Playa de Puerto Colon
Playa de Puerto Colon

Playa de La Pinta beach / Playa de Puerto Colon beach Description

Playa de La Pinta beach / Playa de Puerto Colon beach

Playa de Puerto Colon beach also known as Playa de La Pinta beach is located between Puerto Colon & Playa de Fanabe

The beach has fine golden sand and protected by a small headland and Puerto Colon harbour / marina.

Services provided:

  • Full range of services as per Playa de Troya

Nearest Bus Stops

The nearest bus stop are about 500 metres away at either Avda. Bruselas or Los Brezos

Playa de La Pinta/Playa Puerto Colon Location

See Location of Puerto Colon beach on our Costa Adeje Map

Playa de Fanabe beach & Playa Torviscas beach

Playa de Fanabe beach
Playa de Fanabe beach

Playa de Fanabe & Playa Torviscas beach Description

These 2 beaches are adjecent to each other forming one large beach the largest & most popular in Costa Adeje with beautiful fine soft golden sand

Playa Torviscas beach is at the southern end separated from Puerto Colon beach by a small 100 metre wide promontory.

Playa de Fanabe beach at the northern end is separated from Playa del duque beach by 2 headlands and a bay with a total width of 400 metres. The winding promenade path is longer about 900 metres and goes round the back of the Las Toscas Headland

Services provided:

  • Full range of services as per Playa de Troya

Nearest Bus Stop for Playa de Fanabe beach

The nearest bus stops is about 600 metres away at San Eugenio Shopping Centre

Playa de Fanabe beach Location

See Location of Playa de Fanabe beach on our Costa Adeje Map 

Playa del Duque beach

Playa del Duque beach
Playa del Duque beach

Costa Adeje
View to the South from viewing hill

Playa del Duque beach Description

The beach has fine golden sand and protected by a series of rock groins

Playa del Duque beach Services provided:

  • Full range of services as per Playa de Troya

Nearest Bus Stop for Playa del Duque beach

The nearest bus stop are about 500 metres away at Costa Adeje Gran outside the El Duque Shopping Centre El Duque Shopping Centre

Las Toscas & Anthelia Headlands & Rocky Cove

Playa del Duque beach is separated from Playa Fanabe beach by a pleasant walk that goes past 2 small headlands and a small rocky cove.

The promenade goes round the inland side of the Las Toscas Headland and along the road for 100 metres, that passes the Paris Shopping centre. The Promenade path then returns towards the sea front & continues around a rocky cove and along the seaward side of another headland the location of Iberostar Grand Hotel Anthelia

Beach Viewing Hill

On the sea front between the The Sheraton La Cala Hotel & the Costa Adeje Palace Hotel is a small hill. The promenade sweeps round the inland side of this hill from which a path goes up to the summit with spectacular views up and down the coast.

Playa del Duque beach Location

See Location of Playa del Duque beach on our Costa Adeje Map

La Enramada Beach (La caleta)

La Enramada Beach Description

La Enramada Beach

Located in front of the Sheraton La Caleta hotel, past the Costa Adeje Palace hotel to almost reaching the Caleta Jardin hotel.

The beach is made up of areas of dark volcanic sand and areas of pebbles

La Enramada Beach Services provided:

  • NONE

Nearest Bus Stop for La Enramada Beach

The nearest bus stop is about 50 metres away at Jardin Caleta or 400 metres at Adeje Palace

La Enramada Beach Location

See Location of La Enramada Beach on our Costa Adeje Map

Playa Diego Hernandez beach

Diego Hernandez beach
Diego Hernandez beach

Playa Diego Hernandez beach Description

The Costa Adeje's Nude beach

A secluded beach is very popular with naturists. The beach is of fine golden sand and the beach is divided up into 2 sections by a large rock outcrop with an easy passage through the rocks.

Diego Hernandez beach Services provided:

  • NONE Remember to take some water with you

Nearest Bus Stop for Diego Hernandez beach

The nearest bus stop is at La caleta

Diego Hernandez beach Location

Located in the La Caleta nature reserve and approximately half way between La Caleta and the fishermen's village of El Puertito de Adeje and a further kilometre the better known resort of Playa Paraiso.

Access is via walking for about 20 minutes from either La caleta or El Puertito de Adeje.

See Location of Diego Hernandez beach on our Costa Adeje Map

El Puertito (Puertito de Armenime) Beach

Puertito de Armenime Beach Description

Located in a well recessed bay at the fishing village of El Puertito is the small beach of Puertito de Armenime made up of black sand and pebbles.

There is a cave house in the village

And just up the hill  on the only road to this village is the small church, Ermita Virgen del Carmen.

Scuba Diving at Puertito de Armenime Bay

Famous for it's Marine Turtles

The bay is being made into a marine conservation area.

A popular Scuba diving site with 4 tame sea turtles that swim right up to the divers. Other sea creatures that can be sometimes be seen are butterfly rays, bull rays, octopus, cuttlefish and seahorses.

The bay is used by the some diving schools & because the depth is only 3 to 12 metres it is an ideal site for trainee divers

See Dive 24:7

Puertito de Armenime Beach Services provided:

  • Some fish restaurants near the harbour offering great seafood.
  • Car Parking

Getting to Puertito de Armenime Beach

The easiest way of getting to the beach is by Car or Taxi.

There are plenty of Trails along the coast from either Playa Paraiso, , the nearest resort, or La Caleta. The area is very /%3Cpopular with walkers. Tough footwear is recomended. Dont forget water & sunscreen.

Nearest Bus Stop for Puertito de Armenime Beach

H. Bahia Principe on the main road to/from Playa Paraiso beyond the hotel

Puertito de Armenime Beach Location

See Location of Puertito de Armenime Beach on our Costa Adeje Map

Cost Adeje Buses & Bus Routes

Buses in the Costa Adeje area and throughout Tenerife are operated by Titsa. The buses are cheaper than in the UK and very frequent on the popular routes. The buses are modern & clean.

Main Bus station

Bus Station las Americas
Costa Adeje Bus Station

The only bus station in Costa Adeje has for years has been called the Costa Adeje Bus Station but at long last is now called Costa Adeje Bus Station and operated by Titsa the bus company.

Bus Discount Fares

We recommend the purchase of a Bono Card which provides the users, more than 1 user is allowed, discounted fares of either 30% or 50% depending on distance.

Further bus information

Shopping in Costa Adeje

There is a fabulous selection of shops in the Costa Adeje. The shops are mainly in the Shopping centres and we show the location of these with our resort pages

Nearest Airport to Costa Adeje

The nearest airport is Tenerife South Airport TFS (Tenerife Sur) also known as Reina Sofia airport

For information on Airport to / from Hotel or Apartment Transfers see Airport Transfers

Costa Adeje Tourist Information Offices

Plaza del Duque Tourist Information Office

Playa de Troya Tourist Information OfficePlaza del Duque Tourist Information Office

Located inside the Plaza del Duque shopping Centre

Centro Comercial Plaza del Duque.
Tel. 922 716 377
Fax 922 714 397
Open Monday to Friday, 10 am 5 pm

Playa de Troya Tourist Information Office

Located on the Sea Front promenade near the Bridge with Veronicas on the other side

Rafael Puig Lluvina, 1. 38660 Costa Adeje
Tel. 922 750 633
Fax 922 788 955
Open Monday to Friday, 9 am 5 pm

Playa Fanabe

Located on the Sea Front promenade at Fanabe beach

Av. Litoral, Playa Fañabé. 38660 Costa Adeje
Tel. 922 716 539
Fax 922 716 643
Open Monday to Friday, 10 am 5 pm

Information Resorts of Costa Adeje, La Caleta and Fanabe

Costa Adeje Information and description   Costa Adeje Hotels
Barranco del Infierno Ravine | Iglesia de Santa Ursula Church | Casa Fuerte Fortifications

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