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This Icod de los Vinos Map shows the location of popular attractions . Click the name of the attraction in the left column below to highlight the location on the map.

Icod de los Vinos Map showing attractions

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Icod de los Vinos Tourist Guide

Icod de los Vino's Dragon tree

Icod de los Vino's El Drago 1000 year old Dragon tree

The town of Icod de los Vino was founded in 1501.  As can be guessed from it's name it is located in an area of vineyards and famous wines.

The Dragon Tree (El Drago)

If you cut into the wood of a Dragon tree it owes's a blood red rubbery sap, that looks like blood, Dragons blood thus giving the tree it's name.  The tree used to be very common around the Mediterranean but ancient climate changes, ice ages etc. have brought about it's decline in many areas. The fairly constant temperature on Tenerife favours the tree.

The sap was tapped for healing purposes, mummification and a dye for toothpaste, hair dye and woodwork such as violins.

Dating the tree is usually done by counting the branches, it takes around 11 years to produce a new branch. The heart wood of the tree rots away making it impossible to count the rings.  In the 18th century a German scientist stated that the tree was the oldest living thing on earth. Thought to be a 1000 years old, estimates vary between 500 3000 years old.

Unfortunately my photographs do not convey the size of the tree that stands at 17 metres high and a 6 metre trunk circumference.

Dragon Tree Gardens (Parque del Drago)

The dragon Tree is growing in the Dragon Tree Gardens which also contains many other endemic species.  Look out for the smaller & younger dragon trees and there is also a dragon tree nursery.

The entrance to the park is at the narrow top end of the park, up the hill between the Dragon Tree House & Saint Marcos Church and round the corner to the right.

Dragon Tree House (La Casa del Drago)

House Description

  • Not really a house but a beautiful tourist shop & cafeteria.
  • Bar cafeteria
  • Wine Shop
  • Craft Shop

Behind the house is a small garden with views of the famous Dragon Tree which is located in the Dragon Park, just beyond the garden wall

The garden has additional interesting trees, fauna and views. Go down the stairs just inside the entrance.

Dragon Tree House Location

La Casa del Drago, Archpriest Ossuna Street 3 Icod 38430

The house is located across the road from San Marcos Church


Drago Tree from Casa Drago Garden

Drago Tree from Casa Drago Garden

Casa Drago Fountain

Casa Drago Fountain

Casa Drago Garden

Casa Drago Garden

Drago Tree showing the top branches

Drago Tree showing the top branches

Blooms of flowers in the Casa Drago Garden

Blooms of flowers in the Casa Drago Garden

Saint Marcos Church (Iglesia de San Marcos)

The tree can be viewed for free from the square near to the 16th century parish church, Iglesia de San Marcos.  The church has an interesting Baroque interior, look for the wood ceiling, the silver filigree 2 metre high cross, the 18thcentury altar and valuable works of arts.

View of San Marcos Church through the trees

View of San Marcos Church through the trees

San Marcos Church Tower & Palm Trees

San Marcos Church Tower & Palm Trees

Icod de los Vinos Town Hall

Town Hall Icod de los Vinos

Town Hall Icod de los Vinos
Photo by Secret Tenerife

Canarian wooden balconies and woodwork

Icod de los Vinos is also famous for it's beautifully carved wooded balconies that exist of many of it's buildings.

Carved wooded balconies

Balconies Icod de los Vinos 1

carved wooded balconies

Balconies Icod de los Vinos

Plaza de La Pila

The small Plaza de La Pila is considered by many to be the most beautiful in the Canary Islands and is surrounded by some marvellous old homes including the Casa de los Cáceres

The fountain shown is sometimes a fountain and sometimes a giant plant pot.

Some of the botanical specimens in the plaza are extremely unusual.

Multi headed Livistona chinensis Tree

Multi- headed Livistona chinensis Tree
Photo by Scott Zona

Plaza de La Pila Fountain

Plaza de La Pila Fountain
Photo by Secret Tenerife

(Casa de los Cáceres) Museum

A small 3 floored mansion with 365 doorways & windows, now used as a museum and also has cultural activities, exhibitions & acts.

Casa de los Cáceres, Plaza de la Constitucion, 9, 38430 Icod de los Vinos


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